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Giving aid - in the name of God - or not?

Like many people did when this crisis started I joined my local mutual aid group. I got a load of leaflets with my name and phone number on and I posted them through the doors of a couple of streets (working with others in the group to make sure every street in our neighbourhood was covered). I spent an hour posting them through letter boxes, talked to one neighbour in person (from a distance) and I knew I had done my bit. In fact I've only been called upon to collect someone's prescription once. So it's all been very easy, but it's good to know that these leaflets have gone out (I think I'm right to say) to every home in Canton and Riverside. Then recently I saw another leaflet that someone had taken a picture of and posted on Facebook. This was a very similar leaflet written by a local church, saying much the same. The church (as far as I know) hadn't coordinated with the local mutual aid group, but had taken it upon themselves to do it independently.

Seeking Paradise - Stephen Lingwood interviewed by Jo James

Thanks to Jo James for interviewing me for my book launch last month. Here's the video.