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What do you tell primary-aged children about Unitarianism?

Last week we had about 60 children from primary schools passing through our Unitarian chapel. They were visiting us as part of their religious education, and had also visited a mosque and a Hindu temple before they came to us. So you have 60 primary-aged children, of all faiths and none, sitting in front of you, and it's your job to tell them about Unitarianism. What do you say to them? This was my challenge. I also had to keep in mind that they were visiting us as a Christian church. The idea was to visit a church, a mosque and a temple, Christian, Muslim Hindu (the main religious communities in Bolton). So essentially, it was also up to me to tell them about Jesus. If I had just talked about respecting all faiths, then I would have been failing to give them something concrete. The whole ethos of the day is about respecting all faiths, they had come to us, specifically, to hear about Christianity. So this is roughly what I said: Hello, welcome to Bank Street Unitarian Chapel,

Time to vote

With the caveat that this blog represents my own opinions and nothing more... I'd like to urge all UK readers to vote tomorrow. However you vote (as long as you don't vote for any extremist party) please vote. I shall be voting for the Liberal Democrats, though I doubt it will do any good here. I'm hoping for a good number of Liberal Democrat MPs. I'm hoping the Green Party will manage to get an MP. I'm hoping for a a higher turnout than 2005. I'm hoping for large scale constitutional reform in the next Parliament. Please vote.