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Showing posts from February, 2011

Twitter Mini-Reflections

To promote our new website and our Invite Service this weekend I've done some publicity and this week I'm doing mini-reflections on Twitter @BoltonUnitarian . An article appeared in The Bolton News here .

New Website for Bank Street Unitarian Chapel

Yesterday we launched our new website at Bank Street . Our webmaster's been working on it for a while and it's really good to finally have it up and running. There's a few new features and hopefully it will be easier to maintain and update than the last one. Any constructive feedback is appreciated as we try to work out any kinks. Bank Street Unitarian Chapel, Bolton

Prayer and Protest

The view from Egypt This is an amazing icon of nonviolent dignified prayer vs the power of the state. Let's hope that any protests remain rooted in prayer and non-violent action. H/T Young Anabaptist Radicals