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Stories of Riverside in the Pandemic: Episode 3: Derek: Perspectives from the allotment

Marking the third anniversary of the COVID lockdown, I'm using this blog to reflect on this time and to point towards the audio archive Doorstep Revolution, a project I was part of putting together as part of Gentle/Radical. The third episode is different from others as it features only one person, Derek, speaking from his allotment. It's a slow, gentle, conversation, to the background of the tweeting of the birds around the allotment.  Derek’s reflections touched on work, his disillusionment with academia, moving to Wales from Malaysia, the impacts of the pandemic on family and perhaps most importantly, for Derek at least, vegetables, food growing, and his allotment. You can listen to Episode 3 of Doorstep Revolution here (Scroll down to "Episode 3") or look through a transcript here.