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An invitation to a conversations about Unitarian Anabaptism

In recent years I've found myself identifying more and more as a Unitarian Anabaptist. This is increasingly feeling like the path for me. But I don't want to plough a lonely furrow on this path, but rather I want to connect with others who might be open to this approach. So I'm interested in connecting with others who would like to explore what it might mean to follow a Unitarian Anabaptist spiritual path. What do I mean by Unitarian Anabaptist? Well, by Unitarian I mean a commitment to spiritual oneness, the unfolding nature of truth, inclusion and pluralism. By Anabaptist I mean a commitment to radical equality, peace, simplicity and discipleship. This conversation would be inspired by the historic extinct Unitarian Anabaptist movement in Poland as well as the recent resurgence of interest from contemporary (UK and Ireland) Christians in Anabaptism, exemplified by the Anabaptist Network . I would like a conversation that would explore what it might mean to g