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What is Cardiff like?

It's been a year since I moved to Cardiff. In that year one of my key tasks has been to answer the simple question: what is Cardiff like? I remember my first official day working in Cardiff, I thought how amazing it was that my "commute" involved walking past a castle. But the castle is just one of the most obvious things about Cardiff. Today when I walk past it I always notice all the tourists. The coaches always park outside the castle and they stream out. And as far as I can see they just visit the castle, take pictures of the animal wall and then get back on their coaches. That's the tourist side of Cardiff - but what is it actually like when you get down deeper? When you, for example, just go over the bridge to the side of Cardiff on the other side of the Taff? I still feel inadequate to answer the question really, even after a year. I don't have the insight of a born and bred Cardiffian, or someone who has lived in the area for decades. I can onl