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Called or learned ministers? And other web reflections

Occasionally I re-visit my denominational websites, and I usually leave with something to complain about. A blog is a place for this kind of thing, but let me add that I'm having trouble with my own website at the moment, so I may be in a glass house, but here goes. First I wanted to comment on , the British Unitarian website. This has improved a little since it's relaunch and is now explanding. It's becoming a more useful resource for those within Unitarianism, with pages like this one giving ministerial vacancies, information previously only available to active ministers. But the website remains rather rubbish at providing information for those interested inquirers wanting more information and flavour to Unitarianism. I find the text they have in these sections rather uninspiring. I was also browsing the American UUA website and came across a couple of things that caught my attention. First, notice the verb use here , "Sermon topics range from curr


Does anyone know the right response to someone if they say to you, "You look very young to be a minister"?

Greater Manchester congestion charge

A bit of a local issue post. Greater Manchester is having a refurendum as to whether to have a congestion charge that will pay for considerable improvements in public transport across the region. Being a liberal greeny, my instinct is to vote for the new scheme, but I'm happy to hear the arguments. Anyone want to share an opinion?