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Showing posts from September, 2006

Happy Bisexuality Day!

OK so I'm two days late, it was September 23 , but I have periodic internet access right now. I went into Manchester to go to BiFest which was a lot of fun. I'll try and post some more about life and stuff as soon as possible. But needless to day I'm in Manchester and everything's going well.

Leaving Birmingham

For 22 of my 24 years on this Earth I lived within 20 miles of Birmingham . For 4 years of my life have been lived in the city. I've never lived in any other British region, though I have lived in another country. Yesterday I left Birmingham. I should be in Manchester now, but there's been complications with the flat so I'm in Stoke until it's sorted out. I may be offline more in the next few weeks and so things may quieten down on here. I'll be back when I get broadband (and myself) into my new place.