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My Baptism

“What is to prevent me from being baptised?” Acts of the Apostles, 8:36 I spoke these words at Bank Street Unitarian Chapel, Bolton, 22 nd April 2012: It is a great joy and privilege and responsibility to stand here week by week and to offer you, in my words, some guidance in your spiritual journeys. It’s a responsibility that cannot be taken seriously enough. It is my job, as I understand it, to study the great spiritual traditions of humanity, to pass those traditions through the fire of my own spiritual life, and then to pass on to you a small pearl of wisdom that hopefully you will find of some use. It is my job, as I understand it, to speak to the spiritual condition of our community, and to point to the Sacred, and invite us all to allow that vision of the Sacred to guide us. My job is not to simply pass on my own thoughts, my own agendas, my own opinions. Nevertheless, as I’ve laid down this rule, I’m going to bend it this morning and speak to you q

Core principals from the Center for Prophetic Imagination

Describes my principles pretty well too: