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Cardiff Climate Cafe

I feel that a lot of the "stuckness" we're in around the climate comes from a disconnection from our bodies and our feelings. As people, and as a society, we're in a state of denial and disconnection from the truth we feel with our bodies.  That's one reason why I've set up Cardiff Climate Cafe, as space to allow us to be with feelings, and to know we're not alone in those feelings. We have each other and our feelings are real, whatever they are. I want folks to support each other as a way to deal with the work we have to do, and to help create the emotional-level shift that we need in society. I'm going to be running this once a month for the next four months, starting 11am Saturday 27th January 2024, at the Cwtch space by the bar, Chapter Arts Centre. Please come by! Are you feeling isolated? Angry? Numb? Burnt out? Despairing? Determined? Depressed? Guilty? The climate cafĂ© is a free space to gather and share our feelings in a non-judgmental atmosph