Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Me in Taize

The Taize community website have just put up a video about the community that you can watch online. It's a good video that captures the spirit of the place, plus it does feature moi with some rather fetching stubble (Steve from Birmingham if you can't work it out). Worth watching.

I'm heading back there this summer. It will be the first time I've been back in 4 years. Except this time I'll be going as an out and proud Unitarian, not as someone tagging on to some Anglicans. That will be an interesting experience I think.


Anonymous Philocrites said...

I was only there three days (in 2005), but my small group seemed perfectly content to have a Unitarian among them. (We also had two seekers -- one German, one Dutch -- who were exploring Buddhism, a Serbian Orthodox, an Anglican couple, a Roman Catholic from Belgium, an Irish Protestant, a U.S. Methodist, and a Russian whose religious affiliation I didn't learn.) But then again, we hardly ever discussed "theology" of the sort that makes denominational identities relevant, and no one had ever heard of a Unitarian anyway. I had a wonderful time! I'm glad you get to go back.

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