Thursday, May 17, 2007

Blow the Whistle

I'm really annoyed I can't get to this. Please go if you're in Manchester, and find other ways of keeping up pressure on governments to tackle poverty if you're in the rest of the UK or another G8 nation.

Blow The Whistle - Half Time To Halve Poverty
Sunday 20th May, 3-4 pm, Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester

2007 is the half way mark to the aim of the governments of the world to halve global poverty by 2015. The Blow the Whistle campaign aims to draw attention to the disturbing lack of progress from world leaders in fulfilling their commitments which were made by in 2000.

Blowing the Whistle Half Time to Halve Poverty will be a powerful reminder to the UK government that we are as committed to the poor and to justice as we have been during recent years, as expressed in the Make Poverty History campaign, Jubilee 2000, and other high profile campaigns. This can be a powerful reminder a few weeks ahead of the next G8 conference in Germany in June.

But to make the biggest impact we need your help! We aim to draw a crowd of all ages to join together for 1 hour in Piccadilly Gardens on Sunday 20 May (3-4pm) to jointly blow the whistles which have been produced for the campaign. Similarly to the make Poverty History rally in Edinburgh, we will ask people to wear white, and there will be speakers and music to inform and entertain you.

Whistles can be bought from the stewards on the day or ordered en masse from the Micah Challenge website - please order your own if you can to make sure we have enough for people who come on the day (

Please help us get as many people there as possible by sending this message on amongst your friends, organisation, church, networks, schools, workplaces and contacts so that people in the North West will join to make some noise for justice.

We aim to video the event and put it on YouTube. Across the world Blow the Whistle campaign events will take place on 7 July, so Manchester can be an inspiration to many.

See for more information about the campaign, and for more resources.


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