Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Me and Jesus: Episode 2

I went to the lunchtime Meeting for Worship at the Manchester Quakers today. Unfortunately my prayers turned to thoughts and frustrations about what I don't understand so I left feeling worse than when I went in. I hate it when that happens.

This is where I'm at:

This is the conversation I have had, will have and imagine having:

You're not a Christian.

Yes I am.

But you don't believe in the Trinity.

I don't think that's what makes someone a Christian, or at least a follower of Jesus.

So what makes you a Christian?

When I say Christian I mean someone following Jesus, following Jesus' teaching.

Didn't Jesus teach that he was divine, and that we should believe in him and his death on the cross for our sins?

No, I don't think he did teach that.

So what do you think he taught?

This is the point I get stuck, what did Jesus teach?

The liberal answer I often get is something like: God is love, love God and love neighbour.

Which is all very well but I don't think he really did. I mean, he did say that, but I don't think that was his central message. When I read Jesus' words, he seems to be saying something like that about 20% of the time.

So what, centrally was Jesus' teaching about?


Blogger Jamie Goodwin said...

He was saying that the kingdom is in you.. and you are the kingdom.

He was saying love your neighbor, yes, over more he was saying love your enemy, that which you hate.

He was teaching tolerance and respect, remember this is a time when people of different lands where killed and raped just for being the wrong person at the wrong place.

He was teaching change, with respect to Gods laws as he understood them.

Mostly he was teaching that the grace of good is for everyone, all they need have is faith.

At least, that is how I understand it.

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