Monday, May 28, 2007

The Man Who Never Died

This is the story of the Man
Who never died:
and who proclaimed
that he who's born
must be re-born;
and he who's dead
must rise from the state of death.

For it is not the nature of man to die,
but to live from no-time to no-time.


Men said to Him:-
'How shall we live?'

and He said:-
'By dying to yourselves!'

When asked, 'How shall we die?'
He said:- 'By being alive to what never dies within you!'

He healed the sick, bringing them back to themselves.


In prayer you say nought to thy Gid,
but listen to His SILENCE like the flower
opens its heart out to the mystery of the unknown stars.

Prayer is a secret dialogue between lovers, where the mind
questions in doubt, and the heart answers in faith.

'The Man Who Never Died' by Gopal Singh


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