Friday, May 04, 2007

Election results, in my neighbourhood and beyond

Here are the results in my ward, Rusholme:

Abu Chowdhury (Liberal Democrat) 1241
Atiha Chaudry (Labour) 746
Nahella Ashraf (Respect) 535
Penny Collins (Green) 224
Daniel Valentine (Conservative) 190

I don't mind saying that I voted for the LibDem, the sitting councilor, and he won. That's the first time I've voted for a LibDem and they've been successful. I was very aware of the anti-war Respect party campaigning in a very visible way here. Although they came third, they weren't really a threat. I thought they might do better here. I also don't think I've ever lived in a ward where the Conservative came fifth and last. That tells me a lot about the neighbourhood where I've lived for six months.

In Manchester overall things stayed pretty much the same, Labour are in power, Liberal Democrats in opposition, there hasn't been a Conservative councilor in 11 years. In Higher Blackley the British National Party (note to Americans: far right fascist, racist group) candidate came second, but was not close to beating the Labour candidate.

Overall in England the Consevatives did pretty well, Labour did quite badly, but not as badly as they could have done, and the Liberal Democrats didn't do very well either. I'm not convinced Ming Campbell is the best man to lead the Liberal Democrats. In Birmingham, my old town and the biggest council in England the Tories won the council for the first time in 24 years.

In Wales Labour lost some seats but remains the biggest party, but not the majority party in the Assembly, and will have to form a coalition.

But the most dramatic results come from Scotland where the Scottish National Party have won the most number of seats in the Scottish Parliament, but will have to form a coalition. The brings up the possibility of a refundum for Scottish independence. But there were 'hanging chad' style problems with a system that seems to have disenfranchised 100,000 voters.

Overall it seems like things are much the same. People are pissed off with Labour, but don't really see any great alternative in any other party, except in Scotland where the SNP seems like a viable alternative. The Tories are doing a lot better, but not at all in this city.


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