Monday, July 17, 2006

The northenest Unitarian church

God bless Leslie McKeown. She had a vision and she went for it. She's now opened the Haughlands Unitarian Retreat and the Hollandstoon Unitarian Chapel in the Orkney Isles. I could be cynical about the prospects for a Unitarian community on an isolated Scottish island, but I'm not going to be. We need more visionaries, more risk-taking, more dreams realised. Start Unitarian communities. Create them on remote Scottish islands, create them in tower blocks, create them in villages, create them in your house. More of this please. Much more of this.


Blogger UU Jester said...

Hear! Hear!!

I wish her the best of luck and all success.

(My partner keeps trying to convince me to do something similiar on one of the Hawaiian islands. I've no plans along those lines.... not yet, anyway.)

10:00 pm  
Blogger Matt said...

Yes I agree fully. In fact, I think newer Unitarian congregations may be the longest lasting as they are not tied down by great big buildings, committees etc

10:44 pm  

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