Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Last night

Last as I was going to bed, I turned the radio on to listen to James Whale on TalkSport. I've listened to him for years, since back when it was called Talk Radio. If you don't take him too seriously then it's a lot of fun. Last night they had someone on from the Evangelical Alliance and also someone from the National Secular Society. They were talking about various things, and to be fair both of them were perfectly nice and reasonable. It just saddens me that these are the two alternatives presented to the world, as if there is nothing in between.

I was listening in bed with the light off. After midnight I felt the a little spiritual push to go down stairs and ring up the station and engage with this EA guy. I went downstairs and thought about it for a while. But then chickened out and just wrote an email. This morning I found out the email had bounced back.

I feel increasingly pushed to ring up radio stations and give the Good News of Unitarianism like this, but I get scared and shy. Hopefully there will be another opportunity and I will go for it another time. The voice within me does not let me get away with not doing things that scare me. I've got to keep on pushing myself.


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