Thursday, March 16, 2006

Save Parliamentary Democracy

This came my way yesterday, and I thought it was worth publicising.

The Government are trying to pass a bill that will enable them to create laws completely by-passing parliament. That means, without any parliamentary debate, the government (0r any future government) could:
Create new offenses punishable by two years imprisonment.
Abolish trial by jury.
Allow the Home Secretary to put someone under house arrest.
Allow the Prime Minister to sack judges.
Rewrite the law on nationality and immigration.
“Reform” Magna Carta (or what remains of it).

Essentially this would be an amendment to the British constitution, that is trying to get passed without anyone noticing.

So please take a look at some of these links, and write to your MP.

Save Parliament

Letter to the Times from six Cambridge Law Professors

Letter to the Times from David Howarth, MP


Anonymous Mike Killingworth said...

Well, it was - sort of - in the Queen's Speech... it's known as a "Henry VIII" bill in the trade. What is, if possible, even more alarming, is that had the Conservatives won the last election they had plans to do pretty much the same thing.

8:39 pm  

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