Saturday, March 30, 2019


Press release from Cardiff Extinction Rebellion: 

Extinction Rebellion Cardiff welcomes Cardiff Council's decision to declare a Climate Emergency, but warns that urgent action is needed more than words. An emergency requires an emergency response.

Missing from the motion is the sense of urgency the situation demands. The following amendments could have been put forward to rectify this: a). Carbon emission reduction targets are set of all emissions from the region, not just from public buildings etc, and b). A timescale for reaching carbon net-zero is set.

Many other cities and regions have committed to declaring a Climate Emergency and have strengthened their declarations by committing to a time frame within which they agree to have developed a strategy to reach their aim of reducing carbon emissions to net-zero by 2030. These include Bristol, Edinburgh, Carmarthenshire and Bath and North East Somerset, amongst others, who have all committed to reporting within six months to a year with a clear plan of action.

A large group of Extinction Rebellion members from Cardiff are currently in preparation to head to the International Rebellion to protest against the UK governments continued inaction in the face of climate and ecological breakdown in London beginning Monday 15 April when central London will face gridlock and economic disruption in several locations for at least two weeks.[1]

Liz Rosser from Extinction Rebellion Cardiff said “The solutions that are needed are radical. The point of declaring a Climate Emergency, as many other cities have already done, is not to continue down the same path as before but to adopt much more urgent and radical measures. Yes, Cardiff is making welcome progress, but it is nowhere near good enough in the present circumstances. Cardiff, as the capital city of Wales, has the opportunity and responsibility to lead the way. Scientists are clear that rapid and ongoing reductions to greenhouse emissions are urgently required. The planning and investment decisions made today are locking in our future. It is crucial therefore that action is taken immediately".

Friederike Lurken from Extinction Rebellion said: “We are living through a climate emergency because governments and industry have not shown the necessary leadership, and, so far, have not acted fast enough. Fortunately, thousands upon thousands of people are rising up with Extinction Rebellion and cultural institutions are joining with us. Dozens of local councils around the UK have already declared a climate emergency – both inspired by and through grassroots pressure from Extinction Rebellion and the global School Strike For Climate.[2]”

Notes to editors: [1] International Rebellion -
[2] – Youth Strikes for the Climate -


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