Thursday, October 30, 2008


Is anyone else really hacked-off that the top story for at least a day this week was comic radio presenters doing the kind of thing they do all the time, when a possibly historic and progressive piece of climate change legislation was being debated in Parliament, that I didn't see reported anywhere.

I listened to the Russel Brand thing and honestly can't see what the fuss is about, but whatever your opinion, how the hell can it possibly be justified as a top story on the news? There's a whole lot of other stuff going on in the world.

Annoyed of Bolton.


Blogger Unitalian said...

It's a celebrity-driven culture, and it was quite rude!

I spent a decade trying to promote international development - believe me it ain't easy to get people to engage, although as hardship increases they may do more.

Although in the 1930s comedies and musicals were big...

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