Sunday, April 08, 2007

Rebecca Parker on the Sunday programme

Good morning! Happy Easter!

I was just listening to Radio 4 in the shower, as is my manner on a Sunday morning, and there was a piece about atonement/the cross (very theological for 7.30 in the morning) and Rebecca Parker turned up to put forward her theology rejecting substitutionary atonement. Unfortunately no mention of Starr King School or Unitarian Universalism, she's simply an 'American theologian.'

Get ahold of the next issue of 'Faith and Freedom' to see my paper on a Unitarian theology of the Cross.

Listen again here.

By the way, GA is next week, hopefully I'll find a computer and be able to blog. I am the only person who blogs from GA, and this website will have news of what's happening before any other news source. All your breaking news on Reignite!


Blogger Simon said...

Hi Stephen,

I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction for getting a copy of your theology of the cross article, as I'm really interested in exploring the subject. I've read a bit about the meanings of atonement from the anabaptist network website, but I feel a unitarian perspective would really help me work this stuff out.



7:20 pm  

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