Monday, April 02, 2007

Chatting about faith

A friend of mine introduced me to a dating website a couple of months ago. It's free and it's quite fun with lots of questions to fill out so that you can waste a lot of time on there, if you wanted to. I haven't got any dates out of it, but I have chatted with lots of people. I've been honest on my profile and put down what I do and talked about faith and stuff.

This is more personal than I usually get on this blog, but I'm sharing because it's brought up a very important issue. I've chatted with lots of people, almost all about religion. It seems I'm getting about one message a week saying pretty much the same thing - can we talk about religion? There seems to be this huge longing for so many people to talk about faith and spirituality, but a lot of people are scared to talk to a religious leader or someone who they think might try to convert them. I don't know if it's the nature of the medium (they can cut off the conversation easily if they want to) or how I come across but obviously it feels safe enough to have these conversations. People ask me loads and loads of questions - and I'm really happy to talk about my own faith and Unitarianism. You can see why Alpha is so popular - offer people a non-threatening space and loads of people (not everyone though) will want to sit and chat about faith. I think that's really brilliant, and really worth tapping into. Unitarians are so well suited to do this. The potential's definitely there.


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