Thursday, August 09, 2018

What is Christian Universalism?

I've been thinking today about how I would express a contemporary understanding of Universalism. Something like this:

Universalism means believing in the universal and unconditional love of God. God loves every person and everything in the universe. God loves everyone regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. God loves everyone regardless of their religion. God does not say you have to believe any particular doctrine to know the love of God.

God loves everyone in life and death. There is no such thing as hell - that is a nasty lie.

God is in love with you. God desires a love relationship with you. This faith is about loving God and loving neighbour - that's all that's needed. But it's not easy. It means becoming a disciple of love - letting love transform the way we live our lives - pursuing compassion and justice.

Jesus is the prophet of love. He is the teacher of the way of love.

Our faith is in the love of God, the oneness of humanity, and discipleship to Jesus, the prophet of love.


Anonymous David from NZ said...

Love this. Very cool blog!

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