Monday, June 11, 2012

Same sex marriage debate on BBC Radio Manchester

Yesterday I was on BBC Radio Manchester as part of a debate on marriage equality.

You can listen to the debate here. It starts at two hours in to the programme, after the 8am news.


Blogger Kenneth Robertson said...

You claim that it is the quality of relationship that creates marriage not the gender of the participants ; by that token siblings living together in mutual loving support should be able to declare themselves married. I know several such relationships and none would wish to consider themselves married - what is more the law does not allow them to be counted even as a civil partnership, so that their rights of inheritance are inferior to those of gay couples under present legislation.To extend marriage to encompass same sex relationships would be rather like extending the definition of a square to include rectangles - the essential feature of each is forfeited by the change.As for the Coalition's representative's concerns being 'apocalyptic', there are already proposals being framed by one MP to remove the licence to officiate at weddings from those faith bodies who will be unable to accept gay marriage once enacted.

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