Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Time to vote

With the caveat that this blog represents my own opinions and nothing more...

I'd like to urge all UK readers to vote tomorrow. However you vote (as long as you don't vote for any extremist party) please vote.

I shall be voting for the Liberal Democrats, though I doubt it will do any good here. I'm hoping for a good number of Liberal Democrat MPs. I'm hoping the Green Party will manage to get an MP. I'm hoping for a a higher turnout than 2005.

I'm hoping for large scale constitutional reform in the next Parliament.

Please vote.


Anonymous a said...

Yes, I've already voted. My seat is Lib Dem - Labour race, but not marginal. We also had local elections, as well so managed to vote in them.

Biggest concern? The BNP get a seat. But, even if you vote extremist, I still want you to vote. Everyone who can, should have their say.

8:36 pm  
Blogger Unitalian said...

Heh. You can't say "vote - as long as you don't vote for any extremist party"! I mean, you can and you did and I know what you mean, but Greens can seem extreme to some.

As Ken Livingstone said: "if voting changed anything they'd ban it".

In any case, I voted Labour, for the reasons I explained on my blog.

What's so interesting is so many people I know said they were voting Lib Dem but plainly this wasn't borne out by the polls.

8:41 pm  

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