Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My questions to Parliamentary candidates

Here's the questions that I care about this election. Here's the questions I will ask my parliamentary candidates:

1. Will you support the Robin Hood Tax on the banking system to raise billions for international development and fight against climate change?

2. Will you talk about immigration responsibly, support this country's responsibility to give sanctuary to those fleeing persecution, and end the detention of children and families for immigration reasons?

3. Will you support legislation allowing same sex civil partnerships to be performed in religious buildings, or will you support full marriage status for same sex partnerships?

4. Will you support reform of the state-funded faith school system so that schools are not allowed to discriminate in admissions and employment?

5. Will you support reform of the House of Lords - and agree not to appoint anyone to the House of Lords until those reforms are in place?

6. Will you support a reform of our voting system to allow a more representational Parliament?


Blogger Scott Wells said...


11:35 pm  
Blogger Stephen Lingwood said...

I'll settle for Anglican bishops out of the House of Lords this election cycle.

9:26 am  

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