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Rather than perpetuate the 'BNP are the evil bogeymen and should be ignored' message, isn't it time those on the liberal-left address the issues that the BNP and UKIP raise (albeit with different responses) and in turn, are gaining votes for.

It is clear from the recent European elections that there is a debate over national identity, immigration and state / constitutional issues that needs to take place.

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Blogger Stephen Lingwood said...

The BNP did not gain votes in the North West, where I live. In 2004 the BNP got 134,959 votes. In 2009 the BNP got 132,094. They got an MEP because people did not turn out to vote. Most people stayed at home. I posted that video on election day to encourage people who disagree with the BNP to go out and vote. It didn't work.

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This is a flawed and misleading argument perpetuated by the media (and left activists) to try downplay the significance of this development - and in turn silence the debate over why it happened, what the solutions may be etc.

Turnout was lower across the political spectrum (down from 40% to 30% I think) - therefore, whilst it is to be acknowledge that research shows loyalist BNP voters are more likely to turnout, it still has to be recognised that the BNP's electoral performace was maintained and arguably improved slightly.

There are two big agendas coming into play here - a general fear from the political / media establishment over radical parties breaking through and specifically, a refusal to acknowledge the nationalist sentiments of a large swathe of the British public.

These sentiments - expressing themselves in votes for anti-immigration and anti-European integration parties - strengthen the argument that we need a national debate over future policies in relation to national identity, multiculturalism, immigration and the nature of the political system in light of European integration.

If the political-media elites and the left continue to act like ostriches on these issues by putting their head in the sands, the frustrations of the public will eventually manifest itself as a destructive beast (i.e more votes for the extreme right / left).

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