Saturday, April 18, 2009

GA 09: Day Two

OK, so sorry. I've done what I often do and got so busy that my blogging has become less than "live." I'll try to catch up.

Business Meetings

The first day of business meetings. Reports given and the first motion passed approving the statement with the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland .

Then two motions calling for the appointment of salaried Information and Social Justice positions at the Unitarian headquaters. Both of these were passed. I voted against them as I feel like this decisions need to be made on the ground, not by a large assembly. I might be proved wrong, but it will be interesting to note what the new Executive Committee do now, having been strongly instructed on details by the assembly. I definitely remember one candidate who got elected saying in an interview that "we don't need any more staff at headquaters."

Unitarian Christian Association - a taste of Taize

We watched this video.

Hopefully next year we will have a full Taize service. More worship at the Annual Meetings please!

Youth Worship

Always good to see our youth becoming more and more active and empowered. It's been a long road, hopefully next year will be even better, with a theme of youth. It was really good to spend a little bit of time with our younger Unitarians.


It's finally published and I think its brilliant. One of the best things to happen in years to us. Lots of good singing. We took 50 copies home for my lot.

In the evening (after a friend of mine setting off the smoke alarms with her hair straightener) we went out to an organised social evening of an Abba tribute act in a local (posh and expensive) hotel. It was enjoyable, but slightly random.

I had a moment of disappointment about this day's timetable (although I realised it on the train on the way). There was something in the timetable called "Public Benefit" and I thought - oh good, we're going to go and do some local mission project of benefit to Chester. Unfortunately no - it was a talk about charity law. I still think we're missing an opportunity to do some mission and raise our profile at GA.


Anonymous NUFer said...

I'm glad you voted against yet more salaried posts at Headquarters - if only because of the poor record of appointments to officer posts in recent years- Chief Executive goes with no explanation and one recent Communications director lasted only months !

7:08 pm  
Blogger Robin Edgar said...

"Chief Executive goes with no explanation"

Don't U*Us just love it when a "Chief Executive", other high level official, or indeed U*U minister "goes with no explanation"?

3:27 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why did the Chief Exec go?

Not enough sales?

8:51 pm  

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