Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Greater Manchester congestion charge

A bit of a local issue post.

Greater Manchester is having a refurendum as to whether to have a congestion charge that will pay for considerable improvements in public transport across the region.

Being a liberal greeny, my instinct is to vote for the new scheme, but I'm happy to hear the arguments. Anyone want to share an opinion?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Follow your instincts!

2:58 pm  
Anonymous Manchester Public Transport said...

There is a great video about the future of public transport in Manchester here.

1:58 pm  
Blogger Stephen Lingwood said...

Manchester Public Transport, who are you?

I'm fascinated by the idea that someone's being paid to monitor blogs and promote the scheme.

4:17 pm  
Blogger Andrew Bethune said...

Indeed it's fascinating.

Following one's instinct is good advice, but I have to say that my instinct on congestion charging is pulling me in two directions.

I think that people need to be given strong financial incentives not to drive into town and city centres.

But I am worried that congestion charging could misfire completely. It might turn out to be yet another economic pressure that will disperse businesses out into the suburbs where public transport links are not so good and car is the best or only viable option. It could be self defeating.

1:47 pm  

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