Monday, January 21, 2008

A homophobic institution

"An institution that discriminates against homosexuals is without moral credibility"

Here's an interesting article from Saturday's Guardian about the decline of liberalism in the Church of England. It's an assessment that I have some sympathy with. I left the Church of England at least partially because I believed it was institutionally homophobic and I was pessimistic about the possibility of that changing any time soon. I think I can more fully live out my calling and fight against homophobia away from an institutionally homophobic church.


Blogger Bill Baar said...

What actually happened in the 1990s is that the church's official teaching (no sex outside marriage) was tightened. So what the liberals actually want is a break with the entire tradition of the church in respect of its teaching on sexual morality. This amounts to a revolution, for churches have always issued moral rules about sex. To say the church should withdraw from sexual moralism is to jeopardise its entire claim to authority. However, the liberal Anglicans cannot admit that this is what is going on.

Right, and I have little sympathy for those who refuse to break because they are selective about what authorities they'll give up as the article explains further...

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