Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's amazing what you find in second hand books

So I just bought a second hand book from the college library, Jesus the Jew by Geza Vermes. And what do I find inside the covers of the book? Bits of paper from 1977. One was a letter that wasn't that interesting, and the other was an order form for gay porn magazines with 'new year' 1977 offers listed ('A Taste of Beefcake' anyone?). Slightly bizzare, but somehow it doesn't suprise me. Perhaps this has come from the theological library of a Anglo-catholic queen somewhere.

(I wonder if my blog will get more hits now I've put the words 'gay porn' in it?)


Anonymous h sofia said...

Wow, just wow!
Those "book" titles are funny!

6:25 pm  

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