Thursday, July 12, 2007

Change of policy?

With a new Prime Minister in place are we seeing a significant change in the direction of the government? A change for the better?

A couple of really positive things: It looks like the government proposal to build a super casino in East Manchester have been shelved. This seems like a good idea as I'm should it would have created problem gambling in a deprived area.

More importantly than that are the rumours that DESO, the government funded department that works for arms companies, might be closed down. There have been campaigns for this to happen for a long time, so it'll be a great victory if this happens.

Is this a sign of a more moral government? Let's hope so. Let's hope it translates to foreign policy.


Blogger Rich said...

Massive hooray for the second point.

But don't you think the Super Casino would have done great things for the economy of East Manchester? I know gambling is really a waste of money, but it does generate tourism which in turn creates jobs and money for rejuvenating places like this.

8:20 am  
Blogger Stephen said...

I haven't looked in detail about the issue, admittedly, but I think groups like Church Action on Poverty have said it would be really bad for the area.

I think if it had been in Blackpool then people would have gambled when on holiday, but in Greater Manchester where loads more people live it would have been easier for people to gamble more often in their everyday lives.

10:26 am  

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