Monday, June 18, 2007

It must be summer

My last essays are handed in, and I have one more Sunday left at my Placement Church. It must be summer. It's nearly Wimbledon and Glastonbury. This week the lunchtime episode of Neighbours are off so I'll probably spend my lunchtimes watching American GA online. This probably makes me a bit of a nerd.
So I should get two months without any preaching. But I'll keep pretty busy. I'm going to:
  • One Christian(ish) conference
  • One Sufi retreat
  • One Christian pilgrimage
  • One Unitarian summer school
  • One minister's conference

Plus I need to:

  • Write one paper on Unitarianism and Hinduism
  • Chase up the copyright on my book
  • And if I have time, start on my dissertation


  • Take driving lessons
  • Help make sure there's a Unitarian presence at Manchester Pride
  • And try to visit some friends and family

Plus I got to decide if I want to identify as Christian.


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