Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Reading week, haven't done much reading yet

Some basics about my life right now.

I'm living in Manchester. I'm attending Unitarian College Manchester which exists in a partnership with four other colleges in the same building: Luther King House.

I have a placement church in the area, which I'm slowly getting to know.

I should be here for two years, then I'll be qualified. That in itself worries me a bit. Every other denomination seems to require much longer to qualify. Unitarians are supposed to do it in three years if they don't have a degree and two years if they do. Is that enough?

Next week I'm taking a one-week course in the theology and practice of ordained ministry. It's actually a very puzzling subject to me. What is a Unitarian theology of ministry? We don't actually get 'ordained' in the (British) Unitarian church. I'm not really sure what ordained means. Why do we need ministers at all? I know some people who believe we don't. Why do we call ministers 'rev'? What do we expect ministers to wear and why? Like many things I don't think Unitarians have a clear idea about these things and I think we should do.

Just some thoughts on a Tuesday evening.


Blogger Matt said...

You know what I was thinking today as I jogged past the massive Anglican cathedral in Liverpool?

I started thinking about what made Buddhism and Islam successful whilst other communities withered away - was it simply all about belief?

I think what helps them survive and grow is the fact they are dynamic and flexible faiths. They are not bound by a hierarchial clergy or weighed down by ancient buildings.

I don't know if my answer is correct but it was a passing thought as I made my way through the Mersey rain!

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