Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The British Seven Principles?

Here's a statement of 'Unitarian Ethos' just produced by the new directly elected Executive Committee:


We Unitarians and Free Christians are united by our ethos and values. We

aspire to create a loving, caring, religious community within which we:

· Value people in their diversity and uniqueness

· Encourage freedom of thought and speech

· Support spiritual exploration

· Create celebratory worship

· Advocate justice, liberty, honesty, integrity, peace and love

Hence we strive to:

· Make the best of the life we have

· Be democratic in our practice

· Celebrate life in its many forms

· Respect people whose beliefs and attitudes are different from our own

Hmm, at the moment my thought is 'slightly better than the Object.' Anyone else have any thoughts?

By the way, today I brought by tickets to Greenbelt. Yay!


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