Monday, October 31, 2005

Bisexuals Do Exist! We need proof for Dr. Ruth meeting.

From the Bi Resource Center in Boston.

We are preparing for a meeting with Dr. Ruth the famous sex “expert.” Her recent statement in her syndicated column that “Everyone is either straight or gay…there really is no such thing as being bisexual” needs to be refuted. We need your help. We want to bring a large stack of letters from bisexual people to the meeting. We need you to write a brief letter. It will only take 1-2 minutes! (We especially need letters from people who have been bisexual for 2 years or longer to counter her just-a-phase theory.)

The letter should say:
1) How long you have been bisexual.
2) If you can identify bisexual feelings you had in childhood, (or anytime before you chose a bi identity) but couldnt put a name to at the time: describe those feelings and say at what age they started.
3) Sign and date the letter. If you don’t feel comfortable signing your whole name feel free to sign your first name only.
4) Feel free to add more information or statements if you wish. Such as your occupation,your education, your city and state, your relationships past or present, parenthood etc.
Please email the letter to

Dear Dr. Ruth:
I am a 30 year old male and have identified as bisexual for the last ten years. I have been in love with and attracted to men, women and also a few transgendered people during that time.
However, I remember that back in kindergarten I had a crush on a little girl in my class. I used to chase her around the playground and try to kiss her. In first grade I had a crush on a little boy I met in Little League. I told my mom that I would like to marry him. She told me “No you dont! You cant marry boys, you can only marry girls!”
Joe JonesJersey City NJ
[you can also use a nickname if you want]


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I spread the word to my friends.

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