Saturday, October 03, 2009

Alleluia! New Unitarian website!!

For the first time since I became a Unitarian 7 years ago I'm not ashamed of my religious communty's website.

It was pretty bad, then they launched a "new" one a few years ago - which was basically the old one, but coloured purple.

Now due to the persistence of a few dedicated volunteers we finally have a website that looks better, is more easily navigable, and is more appealing to newcomers.

It has the text of Cliff Reed's "Unitarian, What's That?" which is still the best literature for a basic overview of Unitarianism and is excellently written. And it also has videos describing Unitarianism too. Not massively high-tech, just up to the basic standard it should be: clear, pleasant to look at, and useful.

Thank the Lord!


Blogger Yewtree said...

And the web developers (99% James, but I had some input into the design).

Glad you like it :)

11:58 am  
Blogger Andrew Bethune said...

Amen! Now we need to make sure the site has plenty of news and other intersting items, so that people can see we are alive.

3:42 pm  
Blogger Yewtree said...

You've been tagged (up to you if you want to join in): The Bible in five statements challenge

11:02 am  

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