Thursday, December 07, 2006

Good graffiti

Sitting on the bus today I looked across to a billboard that said something like:
"Looking good isn't important
It's everything."

Which is a horrible message. What I loved was that someone had graffitied it so that it read:
"Looking good isn't important
Love is everything."

Which I must say I thoroughly approved of. I'm trying to work out if this makes me an anarchist or a romantic. Possibly it makes me a Christian.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

good to see you breaking the stereotype some uu-ists wish to perpetuate about Christians (that they are all heretic burning, gay bashing Calvinist fundies)...

...whilst at the same time unquestioningly dabbling in Islam, Buddhism and other religions of course!!!

...actually, you could say that the cool graffiti was daubed by one of any of the above religions, it just depends what part of that community they come from!!!


5:34 pm  
Blogger Jaume said...

Anonymous, the "they are all" and the "unquestioningly" are the most subjective and unfair elements of an otherwise simplistic but rather harmless comment. I wish you learn the ways of tolerance soon.

8:20 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


1. to escape from by trickery or cleverness: to evade one's pursuers.
2. to get around by trickery: to evade rules.
3. to avoid doing or fulfilling: to evade an obligation.
4. to avoid answering directly: to evade a question.
5. to elude; escape: The solution evaded him.

10:10 am  
Blogger Marty Bellius said...

"I wish you learn the ways of tolerance soon."

What a patronising comment! Especially from someone who moderates every post on his blog.

Re: the original point

I love subversive graffiti like this. I recommend you view

God Bless

2:35 pm  

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