Tuesday, May 09, 2006

New First Church Website

My old church, First Church in Boston, has finally got a new website, after changing the name (dropping the "and Second") at the last AGM. But even cooler than that, I've made it onto the front page (well, sort off). I am in the group shot on the first page. I'm pretty easy to spot in the middle, up and left from a lady in a yellow hat. I'm wearing a black top with a rainbow chalice, and a white nametag. The picture was taken at Easter 2005.


Anonymous Mike Killingworth said...

Well, I had a look around the site and came across an address which used the words "subduction" and "refulgent" ... good to know I'm only the second most incomprehensible preacher in our denomination...

9:56 pm  
Blogger Stephen said...

'Refulgent summer' is in the first line of Emerson's divinity school address. It's a classic Unitarian word!

9:14 am  
Anonymous Mike Killingworth said...

He nicked it from Wesley.

8:49 pm  

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